Demonic Hartford

Demonic Hartford: Ramirez get's hired


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Jack’s a lowlife gunsmith, who produces and sells weapons to various low profile gangs in the city. On his free time he trains shooting.

Jack is hanging out in his place when the phone rings. Once he pick it up a voice says:
- Hello, is this Mr. Miller?
- Depends, Who’s asking?
- My name is Anderson. You don’t know me, however I know quite a lot about you and your whereabouts. I would like to meet you.
- I do business at my place.
- I am not one of the usual type of people who visit you. I think it favors both of us if we meet in some public place to discuss business. A restaurant, perhaps? My treat.
- Aight…
- Tomorrow, at noon, in Firebox restaurant.
- What am i supposed to bring?
- A clear head.

Does Jack make any preparations before going to the restaurant?

I put on my casual clothing and trenchcoat….call my buddy John…..get a pack of cigs.
What do you want from Johny?
“Watch over me in that restaurant, if something happens run and call the police…take some weed”

So the next day comes, Jack takes the bus to the city center towards the restaurant. It’s in one of the fancier city blocks. You notice that almost everyone who’s in the restaurant wears fancy suits or dresses. There’s a few guards in suits at the front entrance.
- Looks like a fancy place, Johny. Watch from outside if they dont let you in.
- If I wanna be able to run for cops, I guess it’s better if I stay where those two dudes can’t stop me.
- I trust you will find a perfect spot, wish me luck… get a joint ready.
- Sure thing, Ramirez.
Jack approaches the front door. The guards look at him suspiciously, but one of them says:
- The table in the end. By the window.
- Thanks… I’ll be going.
As Jack goes in he feels the sun’s warmth on him. It illuminates the whole restaurant and as you walk by the tables, you can see that anyone sitting next to the windows is fully immersed in sunlight. They should be sweating as hell in those suits, but they are trying not to show it, especially the ones who are here with much younger girls, who pretend to be fascinated by the older men..
Once Jack reached the end of the rows, you see a man in a suit. He has some folder on the table and he is reading a newspaper. As soon as you come close he says
- Please sit, Mr. Miller.
Jack sits down as silently as he manages. He looks at the guy wondering how he looks.
This is what he sees:
After putting down his newspaper and looking at you he says:
- I am special agent Anderson. Please feel free to make yourself familiar with the file on the table.
- Nice to meet you…
Jack looks over the files.
He Jack realized that the files are about him. They had quite a few photos, it mentions witnesses and several other things. Jack can see photos of himself selling weaponry and even making it. Some of the pictures look like they were done from the inside of his apartment.
- That’s nice… alrite, i am listening.
- When investigating this we have found enough evidence to convict you for life. However, such a prospect probably does not interest you. While doing our thorough investigation we also learned that you are a great marksman. It turns out, that I care about bigger fish than you are, since all you do is supply local gangs with guns. Guns they usually use to shoot each other. What I’m concerned is national, if not world wide, security. I have a task, which will be quite simple for a man of your skills. And you know, in such a bureaucratic system as ours files get lost all the time. Some of them are lost in such a way that nobody would even believe that such a man existed at all on the system.
- Get to the point, what is needed to be done?
He pulls out another file and continues:
- There’s a high caliber terrorist who already sabotaged high rated systems and is preparing to do so again. Sadly for our national security, I’m suspecting that he has spies in the highest authorities. Because of this I cannot use the official channels to take care of him.
- You want me to remove him? I am no hitman.
- Your skills with guns are unparalleled. And at the moment you have a very simple choice. Becoming a hitman or becoming a convict.
- Point taken…Where do i begin? What’s his name?
He pushes the file towards Jack:
- This is all the data we got about him. Kill him, then call this number. After you’re done, we’ll make sure that not only you’re deleted from the system, but that you are also supplied with enough money to live calmly for the rest of your days. Is that acceptable?
Jack studies the file. Wondering who the target is.
The file details a black woman. Her name is Brigitte De La Croix. She’s a taxi driver in the city. She’s armed and dangerous. Her taxi company is “ABC Taxi” – finding her shouldn’t be too hard. The file also lists her crimes, which include: “cooperating and even running terrorist circles which steal national security secrets and sells them to foreign threats”, “helping terrorists arrange terrorist acts”, etc. All coupled with a bunch of photos/recordings/witness testimonies.
- How do i find her?
- Everything’s in the file. Also, Mr. Miller. Don’t forget, that we can easily find you. And the old woman you seem to care about. Not even speaking about your friends.
- geeeeeee, i dunno , man…..hard to decide on empty stomach.
- Oh yes. Food. Totally forgot about that triviality.
He waves at the waitress who immediately comes to the table to take your order.
- Do you have something to take out?
- Um. Well Sir, we don’t usually do take outs, however we can definitely pack anything which can be found on the menu.
- EXCELLENT! pack me two of number 2 and bring number 1 here….unpacked.
- What kind of a drink would you like?
- Beer, don’t open them…just 2 bottles.
- What about you, Sir? – She turns to Anderson.
- Nothing for me, thank you, Sandy.
She goes away. Jack sits there waiting for about 30 minutes, Anderson is reading the newspaper.
Jack looks through the window to see how his buddy is doing. He can clearly see that Johny does not feel in a “right” place, he looks around worried. When he sees Jack looking at him he gestures at his hand, as in trying to gesture at a clock (which he doesn’t have).
- Soooo, do they usually make their food fast or…?
- They usually take 47 minutes to bring the food. – Responds Anderson – after this, Jack noticed that his shadow is really strange. It must definitely be the light, since it’s illuminating everything so hardly, but it looks like Anderson’s shadow is lighter than the actual surroundings. As soon as you notice this, the waitress returns with the dish you ordered and two bottles of beer. She says:
- The take out dishes will be ready in 10 minutes.
She walks away.
- 47 minutes, huh? awfully precise, may i notice…
- Ah yes, too precise? Alright, it takes them 30 to 60 minutes to bring the food.
Jack takes a bite of whatever it is he ordered and continues with his mouth full. The food tastes funny.. in a good way, but he’s not used to such fancy food.
- So how did you came up with such a precise number in the first place?
- Well, I’ve been told so.
- Noice, what the hell am i eating anyway?
- Well, I think the menu should cover that data. Unless you have something serious to ask, i’ll be going now. – He starts pulling out a pristine new wallet.
- Shanks for food, mate.
Before leaving Anderson drops two hundred dollars on the table and walks away. The two dudes at the door leave with him.
- Sandy, check please!
She brings the check. It’s 170$. Jack leaves all of the money on the table to tip the waitress 30 $
Once he leaves the restaurant Johny quickly get’s to him:
- Dude what happened? That shit seemed too high profile for what you usually do.
Jack hands over him his beer and pack of food.
- Lets smoke for now, ill tell you everything.

How much do you tell him?
“My crafts are being appreciated, this guy ordered a fine ass pistol to be made”

Alright, Johny is quite happy with the meal and the beer. It’s one fancy ass bear (a bottle costs like 20$.. you usually drink beer for 1$.
In any case, this is where we’ll have to finish, since there’s nothing for you to do for now. If something comes up, i’ll ping you.
When details of the black woman appear, tell me the questions i asked.


Ugnius Griautis

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