Demonic Hartford

Demonic Hartford: First Session

A new Demon falls

Brigitte De la Craux woke up on a muddy Saturday morning with the same muddy mood. Sighing, she got ready for the day, put on a scarf and, as on every other day, went to check the weekly dropbox in the bank. Mr. Silence, a man of few words, has left her a note with a time and coordinates for the next meeting. As this was unusual to give no further directions, Brigitte checked the map for the coordinates and found that the location is deep inside a forest, close to the city.

Meanwhile, as Ramirez returned with his pal Johny from a meeting withMr. Anderson, they foundRamirez‘s home pristine clean. Ramirez found this strange, as he clearly remembered leaving it the same way as in five previous years, therefore his first thought was that he is being spied or that the old lady cleaned the place up. He asked her and she said that she doesn’t even have a key to his place. Deciding to not return to his home for a while, he took Johnny for a ride on the public transport and told him of his suspicions and of the deal with Mr. Anderson. With this,Ramirez asked for his help in finding Brigitte De la Craux, whom he was ordered to kill, and he hesitantly agreed.

In a couple of hours of cab driving, Brigitte received a special request for her in the suburbs. After arriving to take the passenger, she found a clearly stoned guy.
“Hey, you’re Brigitte?”
“Yeah, red-eyes.”
“They said you’re good.”
“Alright, get in.”
After some more chit chat, Johnny got to the serious questions.
“So, what else you’re doing while not driving the cab?”
“Err…. That’s a good question. Singing and playing the harmonica, I guess.”
REALLY? Could you play for me tomorrow? I could bring some good stuff too.”
“Hey, if you want to get into my pants, you’ll have to do better than that.” Brigitte said after double checking that he’s white.
Brigitte quickly realized upon arrival that The Dude might not have any cash and she locked the doors of the cab. Apparently she was right, asJohnny tried to bail, but the kindhearted Brigitte allowed him to go after realizing that he can’t afford the taxi just because of her long detour.

Ramirez was having a nice evening until he heard an even more stoned Johnny at the door. All Ramirez could make out of his yabbering was that he found Brigitte and she was one hell of a lady. Ramirez sent him out after telling to find out something more than that and to do that sober.

Brigitte once again received a call from the center that she is being asked for once again. She went to the adress and clearly found Johnny smiling up to his ears and with a 100$ in his hand. After having some discussion about her singing for him, Brigitte yanked the bill, dropped the change for the previous ride outside of the cab and drove off. Johnny was forced to return with no new information, but at least he was sober. After going for some food and returning, they found the furniture rearranged from what it was 30 minutes ago.
“What the hell man, this place looks like an old woman’s home. Did you hire a squad or something?”
“No man, I don’t know what’s happening. Perhaps it has something to do with that deal we had earlier.”
“Who cleans homes and asks to murder at the same time?! Are you nuts, dude?” saidJohny

Raziel found herself receiving data of her next mission into her brain through a special device in a stasis chamber inside a factory in Nowhere. Strangely enough, the mission was to murder. Raziel simply could not kill as her whole life was against it and she was a Messenger previously. Therefore she broke and fell to Earth.

Brigitte went to the designated forest and at the exact time she heard some noise above. She looked up and saw a meteorite falling and getting closer quickly. She ran for her life and took cover behind the motorcycle as the fiery object crashed into earth, spreading black metal debris around and lighting some forest on fire.Brigitte took a look over her cover and saw a young man in a suit standing in the middle of the chaos, undamaged by the fire.

“Who are you?” Brigitte warily asked in rough voice, using a voice changing apparatus, one of her gadgets to avoid being noticed by the God-Machine.
“Something’s not right… It appears I have fallen from the sky?”
“Justas” said Raziel
“Did Mr. Silence send you here?”
“Who’s Mr. Silence?”
TrustingMr. Silence, Brigitte took the complacent and unawareJustas and drove to her safe place before the firefighers or sightseers showed up.
The garage opened and Justas saw an undening road going deeper inside it. After arriving safely to the bolthole, Brigitte threw a beer can toJustas “Hey, you’re the black sheep here, so just tell me everything you know and it is all going to be allright.”
“I don’t know anything. I was a Messenger up there I guess and I was instructed to murder a person in the university here.”
Brigitte quickly realised, that the person to be killed was the same, which they gave the God Machine as a false target back when he broke into the command & control infrastructure together with Mr. Li. Upon this, she instantaneously became friendly and explained everything what happened to Justas and that he now has free will, he does not have to blindly listen to the God-Machine.
“But why do I have to believe you? I know nothing here.”Justas asked warily.
“Because I never lie.” Brigitte smiled.
“But how do you explain that you were there, where I fell?”
Brigitte avoided the question.
“So you were sent to kill, right? So what are you going to do about it?”
“Well, I’m not going to do anything.”
SEE? That’s free will!”
“Yeah probably, but I would still like to roam a bit alone, find out what’s really happening.”
“Hey, you’re not going anywhere, at least not alone. THEY are looking for you and if they find you, they will kill you or worse. Of course you may leave and die, but if you stay, there’s some beer here and I can teach you some things about baseball, what do you say?”
Justas hesitantly agreed to stay for the night, as he didn’t really know what’s best.

In the following morning,Brigitte suggested visiting the target as that might put some sense intoJustas. Justas shared that he might be found at the university, but Brigitte suggested to meet some friends of her sometime soon.Justas found this suspicious, so he suggested to meet them at a public place, like the cafeteria at the university. Surely enough, Brigitte found this acceptable and the group quickly found themselves at the university. They saw the target at a lecture, butJustas chose not to act immediately while remaining cautious about Brigitte as she made a call and said that they would meet her friends in a couple of days, as they are currently unavailable. Actually, Brigitte just pretended to be calling.Justas wanted to learn more about the target, butBrigitte found this useless and went to work in the cab, arranging to meet with Justas in two days at the university. Brigitte also wrote a letter to Mr. Silence, indicating everything that happened in the previous day and asking what should she do next withJustas.

Ramirez was having a good night with Johny and some weed on the side, a doorbell woke them up at 11 am.
“Hello, Mr. Jack.” said Mr. Anderson
“Hello, Mr. Anderson.”
“I have information that you’ve made contact with Brigitte.”
“Yes, we, I mean I have.”
“That is good, however, it was found that Brigitte has joined forces with an another terrorist. You should not kill him, however, only her, as he might prove of some use to us yet. You have three days to complete your mission. Goodbye, Mr. Jack.”
Ramirez decided to do the deed by calling her in the cab to a gang-controlled part of the city and it should not look too conspicuous that way.

On Thursday, Brigitte once more found a note left for her by Mr. Silence in the bank. “So everything went as planned. Teach her.” Brigitte was furious about this, as Justas has already been nothing but a nuisance and Mr. Silence, the main cause of this, was not helping at all.

On Thursday,Ramirez went to meet Dave at his place, a drug dealer.
“White sugar, babe. Only the best for us.” Dave said, indicating the cocaine lines on the table and taking one in.
“Hey man, do you have a gang that you want to have some trash in their garden?”
“Yeah, some asian motherfuckers downtown.”
“Yeah, I heard they’re coming to do some drive-by here sometime today.”
SHIIIT. We’re gonna screw ’em up so hard.”Dave said while rushing to the other room to arrange everything shouting in spanish.
Ramirez stayed around for a while and invited Dave to come over for some fun when everything’s fine and over. Then he went a couple of blocks and calledJohny and instructed him to call Brigitte to the gangs address.
Brigitte was tellingJustas about the Demon world when the call came in. She reluctantly took the call to the poorer part of town. Driving down the said street, they found themselves stopped and surrounded by a gang armed with weapons. A shot, clearly shot not by anyone in the now confused gang, suddenly hit the car. Panicking, but trusting her driving skills to save her life, Brigitte pushed the pedal to the metal. Obviously enough, the gang started shooting at the car getting away. Ramirez was watching from one of the rooftops with his gun still smoking. The cab got away, but stopped away after a few turns and Brigitte called both the police and the ambulance. After stopping, the adrenaline rush faded and both Justas and Brigitte felt gunshot wounds.
ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?” Brigitt exclaimed.
Ramirez dropped the handgun into a trash bin on the corner and went home. He didn’t even notice the recolored walls and a new sofa.

In two days,Ramirez got the expected knock on the door.
“You have failed.” Mr. Anderson said.
“Yeah? I thought I did pretty well, saw some blood and stuff.”
“Finish the job. She is at the Hartford clinics.”
“I’m not going to shoot anyone in a hospital, I’m not getting out of there if I was!”
“Yes, you are. We are going to fix everything. All you have to worry is getting the job done. You have tonight to do it.” Said Mr. Anderson, turned and left the apartment.
“Oh, also are you responsible for the rearrangements here in my apartment?”
“We are preparing the apartment for your new life, Mr. Jack.”
While preparing for this, Ramirez asked Johnny to set off the hospital alarm system at 6pm, so that he could get in unnoticed. Afterwards, in a couple of hoursRamirez made a small bomb from gunpowder, that he could use for further misdirection and set off for the hospital.

After going through the reception, Ramirez got into a janitors room and waited until it was a couple of minutes to 6pm in order to set off the bomb at almost exact same time. As it was time, he got his lighter out and felt a knife next to his throat at the same time. Silence ensued.
“This isn’t a scalpel, doctor.” Ramirez tried to make a joke.
Silence.Ramirez felt himself being dragged up, through the door and he did not resist. Strangely enough, none of the personnel paid any attention to the knife at his throat. Eventually, they entered a patients room and there she was –Brigitte all defenseless lying in a hospital bed, however, he was the same.
“Who’s he?”Brigitte askedMr. Silence upon realising that she didn’t hear him speak at all.
“Was he sent to kill us or something?”
Mr. Silence nodded without releasingRamirez.
Brigitte slowly got up from the bed and landed a precise kick into Ramirez’s crotch.
“Who sent you?” Brigitte asked Ramirez looking down on him on the floor.
“Nortenos gang.”Ramirez forced it out of himself.
“Don’t lie.” Briggite exclaimed and she kicked him once more.
“Okay, okay. Mr. Anderson sent me to kill a screwed up terrorist like you.”
“What? Who’s Anderson?”
“Don’t know”
Then the lights started flickering, Mr. Silence immediately took out some notes and scribbled “Get going, my car.” Justas wasn’t sure who to believe, but the lights suddenly started shining twice as brightly and that was enough for Justas to get moving. As they just got out of the room, they saw a man in a sharp suit at the end of the corridor raising two pistols straight at them. Ramirez, of course, recognised him as noone else but Mr. Anderson. Almost immediately, bullets were fired in the overlit corridor. Ramirez got hit by the first barrage and fell to the floor nearly unconscious. The rest of the party quickly dodged back into the room, Mr. Silence draggedRamirez in and closed the door, while the rest of the party moved to the first floor window to jump out. Brigitte held the window for everyone and as she was preparing to jump, the door was forced open, revealing Mr. Anderson. He emptied his clips into Brigitte’s back, forcing her to fall down to the ground barely alive. The party scrambled to their feet, without Ramirez, however, as he has lost consciousness Mr. Silence picked him up with an extra pair of hands. Brigitte turned into a flaming demon-horse in order to escape the scene quickly. Justas also lost his human skin, his hand turning into a huge weapon. He started shooting back at the guy at the window to give some time for the party to escape and his armor sucked up most of the returning fire. The party successfully returned to Mr. Silence’s vehicle and drove off immediately.
After arriving at the Brigitte’s bolthole, Mr. Silence immediately took to tending the wounds ofRamirez and the others.Justas, however, still had his doubts about all that happened, but Mr. Silence started writing frantically on the notebook “Are you foolish? An angel came for us and you still act like this? If you like it better with HIM, get the hell out of here.” After thatJustas became complacent for now. Afterwards,Ramirez got back, and Brigitte started interrogating him further about how he came about the information. When that was done, Mr. Silence wrote on a note that Brigitte should keep Ramirez as well for now and left the bolthole. In a couple of hours, whenJustas fully regained consciousness, he had his own questions about the strange things that were happening, but Brigitte was once again not convincing enough, as the supernatural is hard to believe. Ramirez also revealed, that he was the one, who organised the shoot-out, due to which they got into the hospital in the first place. Of course Brigitte was livid, but Ramirez threatened that he has a concealed gun and if she hit him once more, he would be sure to use it.


Ugnius Griautis

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