Brigitte De La Croix a.k.a. Miss Audi

Tomboyish sexy lady


Brigitte is a long and lanky woman with eyes the color of grave soil, skin like dark chocolate
and curly black hair. She typically favors black vests, jeans, denim shorts, miniskirts, fishnets and the occasional swallowtail coat, all accented in purple. Regardless of her other accouterments, she always wears her black bandanna and a pair of cheap sunglasses. She’s a sultry woman with a tomboy streak that likes to drink, shoot pool and make love.


So Angelic
Nullam (that’s how she was referred to in
her angel times, Latin for Horse), was the best in what
she was created to do – transporting. Her sole purpose
was to transport items of the God Machine that where
too important to leave in the hands of mere mortals.
Because of such important task she was forged as a
highly skilled driver with a strict protocol:
1. Never change the order
2. Never be late
3. Never check the package

Rules are made to be broken
It happened, it finally did. A mistake on
the God Machines part, a miscalculation, that even It
didn’t expect. There was a change during Nullams
mission, a change of location that she had to deliver a
specific envelope that she was to give to the first
person she sees. But she never met that person, no.
Although that didn’t stop her from delivering the
message, to the first person she sees… herself.

Brigitte De La Croix a.k.a. Miss Audi

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